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Stopping the War in Spiritual Realms: How God is Leading Us to Pray Right Now

As we have been praying over the situation as it has evolved, we believe we have clarity as to how God wants our team here to pray. Again I want to offer the following caveat:

Believing God gives different prayer assignments to His people, we know this is only a part of what God is doing, but we want to invite you, our readers, to pray with us in how we feel led to pray from here. Please understand, we do not claim to be political experts, though we do pray over political situations and nations.

We believe this conflict is not “the End.”

I am saying that because while we do believe in Bible prophecy being fulfilled in our day, we also know the signs that must take place before the return of Yeshua. We have not seen those things happen yet. Its not rocket science, I’m just talking about reading Matthew 24 where Yeshua tells us what to expect before His return and the order in which to expect it. According to this, we are at the beginning of birth pains. While it is possible everything could unfold very quickly, we believe that there is a FALSE “final battle” being instigated right now by the enemy that is meant to distract and pull workers from the harvest, and the harvest is the season we are still in. We are not condemning those who are feeling led by God to fight, flee, or evacuate. We are accusing the enemy, Satan himself, of trying to ruin the harvest of the nations and the harvest of the Jewish people. We must remain united as the believers and followers of Yeshua at all costs and call a spiritual ceasefire so that the harvest can continue.

Multitudes are in the valley of decision. This is a time where people are deciding whether to escalate or de-escalate. We believe God’s heart is for a de-escalation of war in this region for a little while longer. With this in mind we are urging people to pray for peace in whatever specific way the Lord is leading you to pray.

Satan is Trying to Burn the Harvest but the Host of Heaven Can Stop It.

Because our enemy is spiritual, not human, we want to take this battle to the realm of heavenly places. We fight our warfare there. While we definitely see how the current political situation could quickly explode into a massive regional war or even another World War, we have to understand God’s heart for the harvest. The Harvest makes Him joyful and the taking of lives hurts His heart. We believe He is able to diffuse this entire situation so that we do not see anymore loss of life on either side and that His strategy and ideal timing can continue unimpeded in the Middle East so that by the time of the end, we have an even more radiant bride ready here for Yeshua. Many still have not heard the gospel here.

Prayer Points:

  • We pray for heavenly warriors to be released to protect the harvest.
  • We are looking for intercessors to fight for physical lives to be spared in this conflict on both sides. We believe that many who are being targeted in this attack are crucial to the Kingdom.
  • For innocent hostages to be released by miraculous intervention, acts of brave compassion, and even through miraculous escapes.
  • Regional angelic warriors to protect towns and homes from demonic attack.
  • Guardian angels to be empowered and released for the individuals, families, especially youth in the region.
  • For the politicians, officials, military generals to have a sudden inclination to promote peace. For a desire to have real spiritual alignment with the heart and purposes of God that cannot be shaken. For any who are being led by demonic spirits to be awakened to the light of Yeshua when they sleep. For demons to be revealed for the stealing, killing, monsters they are and any agreements will be renounced. That demonic assignments, allegiances, and alliances will be broken in the name of Yeshua.
  • For the smokescreen of political pride and posturing to fall.
  • For the evil agenda of Islamic Jihad to be completely exposed and for them to not gain traction as a political entity.
  • For all weapons meant to come against God’s people to fail. Especially for a block on Iranian nuclear efforts.
  • For hostages and martyrs to be brave and not renounce their faith in Yeshua.
  • For the love between neighbors to stand firm. For people and politicians to be compelled to bless their enemies and pray for persecutors, even before they know Yeshua, but ESPECIALLY the Messianic believers and the Gentile believers to set an example with their love and obedience to Yeshua in this. This will need the mercy of God and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. We are asking for a miraculous peace, not for the sake of peace, but so that God’s will may continue to be done in this region with no more loss of life.
  • For the hatred between neighbors to be killed by forgiveness.
  • For the chains of demonic strongholds to be broken in government and family lineages.
  • For the gospel to go forth into the villages and towns where the most pain is. Wisdom for workers and spiritual protection as they go into dangerous areas.
  • For the clear and LOUD leadership of the Spirit. The world is loud right now. We need the Word of the Lord to be louder in our ears and minds than the news, than the projections, than even our own hearts. We want the Word to go forth from Jerusalem.
  • For the moral preservation of teachers and believers around the world, discernment to identify false teachings and messiahs, spiritual stamina, strength against temptation, forgiveness of their enemies, and solid biblical teaching according to the teachings of Jesus.

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