The Story of Beloved

My family is part of a bigger, beautiful family who desires to live loved and led by God. Beloved was a name given to me by God as a name under which to do creative projects, and He invited me to take on His name for His fame.

So, the name Beloved is His name and mine.

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon 6:3

My name is no longer important, but His name is beautiful. So whether I’m writing books, music, or blog posts, or picking up a paint brush, creating discipleship resources, or training other musicians and artists to make disciples, you can bet that I’ve got Him on my mind. That’s because He rescued me from a lot and I love Him.

God wants you to know Him as a pursuer of your soul, as a Father who loves to be close to you and hold you and listen to you. Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and as savior. At the last supper, Jesus spoke a betrothal covenant over us. When He died on the cross for our sins, we were brought into a family, made His Beloved, and entered into a new kingdom of abundant life which flows spiritual life from the Holy Spirit into heart of us and back out in worship and into the world around us. This global family eagerly awaits the day that our Messiah returns for us. We wake the bride (the church) and live in His already-not-yet kingdom now, but soon, He will come and rule and reign in a permanent kingdom that is never going to end. Meet me there!

Much Love,

   Beloved (Katherine Morehouse)

The Good News of the Kingdom

People were created in the image of God & ruled in a paradise.

God walked and talked with them every day and there was no division between them, only listening, trust, and obedience.

Satan tempted the woman to disobey God by lying, so she would not trust God and His intentions for her. She and her husband did the one thing God told them not to do. They had lived in childlike trust, but now their eyes were opened and they could see they were naked. They were embarrassed and they hid from God in deep soul darkness. God found them, killed an animal, and covered them up.

God had wanted them to trust Him, love Him, & let Him lead them, but they did not trust His goodness or His leadership.

The people had traded a relationship with God for a lie and they could not turn from sin on their own. They had to leave paradise because of their sin. They began to die, in body and soul. Everyone died from that day on. Everyone sinned from that point on. Except for one man.

The Father sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue us from sin, and bring us back to Him, because He loved us.

This one man. Jesus never sinned from day one. His words brought life in body and soul. He forgave sins and invited even murderers to to live with Him in paradise! When we accept Jesus as the one true way to God, we can trade our sin for a relationship with Him.

God wanted us to trust Him, love Him, & let Him lead us, but we did not trust His goodness nor His leadership.

The people killed Jesus, and God used His blood to cover our sin. Now, we can come close to Him again, unhidden and free from fear of punishment. We receive the free gift of Jesus’ blood to cover us, & die to our old way of distrust & sin and return to childlike trust. We are filled by God’s Spirit who empowers us to obey God from a place of trust. He teaches us God’s Word of truth & helps us fight temptation.

Tell God you want to walk and talk with Him every day and tell Him you trust Jesus’ blood to reconnect us by paying the price for our distrust and disobedience (sin).

As we listen to and obey Him, we become formed to His image again, waiting for Him to come back to rule in the paradise of His Kingdom !