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Israel at War: How God is Leading Us to Pray Right Now

We want to thank you for your prayers for Israel during this time of crisis. Believing God gives different prayer assignments to His people, we know this is only a part of what God is doing, but we want to invite you, our readers, to pray with us in how we feel led to pray from here. Please understand, we do not claim to be political experts, though we do pray over political situations and nations. Nothing here is meant to be vague or mysterious, but is meant to be a practical guide to help you pray simply in areas we feel are crucial at this juncture. Feel free to use the comment boxes to offer feedback and scriptures.

Pray for a “Protection of the Harvest”

I want to share a dream I had last Spring:

I dreamed of a wheat harvest that was being collected in front of a barn. Suddenly a swarm of demons arrived and set it on fire. The dream restarted. I knew what was about to happen. I ran to the barn but I was not fast enough to stop the demonic burning of the harvest. The dream restarted multiple times and each time I ran a different way but it was not fast enough. The final time the dream restarted, I prayed that angels would stop the burning and THEY reached it early enough to stop the demonic attack.

I truly believe there is a demonic assignment against the final spiritual ingathering harvest of the nations to faith in Messiah. According to the dream, human efforts will not be fast enough to stop the attack on the potential harvest around the world. We need to pray for a spiritual protection of the harvest of the nations in heavenly realms, that angels would be assigned to protect new believers and young believers and the fields that are being worked in the last days. Pray also for the release of Messianic harvest workers. Pray for unbelievers in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) to stay safe so they can hear the gospel. Pray also for the salvation of Hamas and Hezbollah leaders and forces. Pray against the spirit of murder and torture, which comes from demonic spiritual brainwashing, generational curses, and unforgiveness. Pray instead for moral fortitude, for compassion and restraint to hold back triggers and rockets and fists. Some will need miraculous angelic salvation from demonic forces. Listen to the Lord and pray when He tells you to pray. We believe He will even give you faces of people and specific towns and places to pray for. This is your territory to keep watch over.

Pray for “the Uncovering of Tehran”:

We also sense the need to pray for Tehran, the capital city of Iran, for there to be an uncovering. I think this means praying for a literal uncovering of heads, that the women will see freedom. If this seems random, think about this: the longing for women’s protection and freedom unites many Middle Eastern countries against Iran’s oppressive regime against women. God loves them. But also, we think this is about some kind of national alignment. Secondly, we need to pray for an uncovering of hidden military and international connections that seek or support Israel’s destruction. Public record shows more and more public officials in Tehran chanting, billboarding, and promoting, “Death to Israel.” Pray for evil to be exposed, condemned, and contained quickly. We pray for a delay in any nuclear weaponry formed against Israel. We command an end to all demonic alliances against Israel. We cancel the assignments of demonic spiritual forces against His people according to our authority in Yeshua.

Pray for Shalom of the Heart through Messiah to Comfort and Convict

If I have learned anything in the last few years it is that God is doing things that layer over the lived reality of what we can see hear and touch. He is moving in the same spaces but at different levels. While He is with us in our pain, suffering and questions, He is very interested in the long game of healing and salvation. In fact, He will often allow atrocity, war, terror, and horror, which seems confusing at first glance. How could a good God allow such a mess? We are not meant to be confused or afraid, but these horrific atrocities against the Jewish people are causing Israelis to ask whether or not God really loves them. As one man asked me, “If God loves us, why does He allow this Balagan (craziness).” The doorway into peace is always repentance and faith in Messiah. Every other way is false comfort. We pray for conviction and comfort for the Israeli people. Pray for the steadfastness and courage of Messianic believers, especially in the military to preach a pure gospel of repentance and grace. Pray for the families who lost loved ones, children, parents, grandmothers to forgive quickly so they do not give the devil a foothold. Pray for the hostages to be found and safely freed and for the idea of human shields to be utterly detestable even to the hardest heart. Pray for the refugees to find safe shelter. Pray for the terrorists to be stopped before they can to hurt anyone else. Pray for the relatives, children, and wives of terrorists to find Yeshua (we just heard reports that this is happening). Pray for people who are scared to leave their homes to get groceries. Pray for us to boldly proclaim the gospel of Yeshua Hamashiach.

Shalom, Beloved

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  1. I am praying for these requests you have made. Many others are too. We want to shield and cover you with prayers of protection, wisdom, and continued divine guidance from Holy Spirit.
    In Yeshua’s name.

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