Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that you are always 100% loved? Just as you are…you are loved. You are invited to be in a really beautiful relationship with someone who pursues you with passion, loves you unconditionally, and wants to talk to you and walk through life right by your side. He does not force you to love Him. After all, love that is forced, is not love. But He does invite you…yes, YOU! One of the pictures we see of Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah of the Jewish people, is of a Bridegroom who is coming back to take His bride home to a place prepared for her. Even those of us who are not Jewish have been brought into this family by faith. Believe that He is your promised one too, who loved you and everyone in the world so much that He died for your sins, so you can receive freedom and life in Him. Love cannot be bought or sold, but He bought your freedom from darkness so you could LIVE LOVED! That’s the kind of selfless, pure love that we celebrate with these Valentines! It’s a free gift, just like the love He gives us. Enjoy!