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Dying to Live (Day 6): Your Renown

Some of you want to leave a legacy “for God” by doing great things “for Him.” Some want God to help you leave a legacy for yourself. But Yeshua never taught to focus on leaving a legacy at all. This is because He is interested in your love, not your legacy. He made you with such love and affection that you are an expression of His glory, simply by being alive. You must realize how much you are loved. This is the purpose of your life. You are meant to be a child of God, fully receiving His love and therefore, fully reflecting the light of His countenance, His peace and joy that shines on you. Not so that others will see, although they will. Not so that others will come to Him, although they will, but simply because He loves YOU!

When David wanted to build the temple, God refused his offer. God then proceeded to say to David (in effect), “Why don’t you let ME build your house!”

Why do we have such a desire to leave a legacy for God in our own name? It’s simply pride that has not bent to the truth that God will make a name for Himself and build our house if we just enter His rest.

I always thought that God made me unique and beautiful to use me for His glory. I always thought God would USE my natural gifts and my personality, so my job was to figure out how to serve Him in those giftings and natural proclivities. I genuinely desired God’s glory because I knew I was supposed to! Plus, I loved Him genuinely. But there was something under the surface that scared me. A LOT. At the same time I wanted His glory, I also desired my recognition, success, security, safety, fame, and legacy. BECAUSE, I told myself, if I get a platform then I will honor God from that position of visibility. But God does not need your initiative, your platform, your dreams, or your legacy. He is zealous for His own name. He needs your attention, your ears, your obedience. He wants you to partake in HIS legacy and HIS glory. Be brave and reassess your projects! Are they God’s projects? Or are they your projects? Or worse and even more deceitful, are they human projects labeled “for God”?

Really what I wanted was for people to be proud of me. I craved the honor of man. I craved to finally be “good enough.” And that was the lie that Eve was tempted to from the beginning. She traded God’s very image because Satan said she could be like God. SHE ALREADY WAS! In the same way, how many of us are striving to be more like Jesus when we were made in the image of God from the beginning?! We have to enter His rest and make our lives about His legacy, not ours.

Here’s the offer. Take up His project–the Kingdom taking over the hearts of man. Not by having an influential job or ministry, but because you have yielded to the way of Jesus and prioritized what He told you to. Make disciples. Take up a towel to serve the poor, the lost, and the sick. The call has gone out and He is simply looking for the available and obedient. Take up your cross. Follow Him. Make disciples. By this you will be participating in the legacy of Messiah. This means you leave your legacy behind.


Maybe you sell out to your God and He will honor you with great position in this life. Or maybe you will end this life crucified to a tree or torn apart by wild animals. Maybe you, fully surrendered will be given great position in government like Joseph or Daniel, or be counted worthy to die for the name of Yeshua like Paul and Peter and many others. Are you ok with either outcome? If everyone forgets you, but remembers God changing their lives, are you ok with that? Can you die that death of legacy in order to make His name known in the nations?

So then what do I do? If all that is dead, then who am I? What do I do with myself? The answer is simple but you might not like it.

You become, just simply, “Christ in me the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27-28) And isn’t that what you thought you were? Maybe, but you weren’t dead yet.

How do you get there?

Know what He wants. Here it is: He wants to know and love you and be known and loved by you. That’s your purpose. That’s who you were made to be. He wants to be united with you in intimate love. Repent of your sins and do the one thing necessary–sit at His feet. and listen to Him. That’s where the GLORY happens, in the mutual enjoyment of you and God being together! You die to your self, your legacy, and He comes and fills you and, in doing so, He utterly fulfills you and you find out who you were always meant to be, naturally and without any striving.

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