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Album Release: Soil

I’m so excited to share this project with all of you! It’s been about five years in the making and tells the story of Mark 4, the parable of the seed and the soils. More accurately, it tells the story of letting Jesus really take over my life, bringing me to repentance, and rescuing me from panic attacks and anxiety. He healed me over the course of this journey, and my full attention shifted to Jesus–to hosting the seed of the Word in me, to working the fields of the Kingdom of God before the harvest, and longing for the return of my Beloved. I am so thankful for all the rocks and thorns the Good Sower has taken out of the soil of my heart, and He is not finished yet, but I’m postured correctly now. I sit at His feet and listen, hearing, accepting, yielding. It is the only thing necessary for life. He is so incredibly beautiful. I have loved discovering my identity as “Just Soil”-the stuff from which the Word of Jesus grows and the Living Water of the Holy Spirit flows. I know many of you will be able to relate to this journey, and if you can’t, if it seems very far off for you, it’s not. You can enter into this narrow way that few choose and if you don’t know how, I’d love to talk to you, just contact me directly through this link!

You can purchase wherever you buy your music. Streaming is fine too! Just enjoy! If you’d like to donate more than the album price, that would help us cover a lot of the cost and help support our family as artistic ministers of the gospel! We’d love to have you join our team! You can donate through our ministry website here!

Here’s the album art too! I loved trying to imagine ways of portraying us as soil with the seed of the Word/Christ rooting down into us and bearing fruit out of our lives. This idea completely took out all the religious pressure I had felt in my life to somehow make fruit happen. Now, I think of fruitfulness as being the responsibility of Christ in me, multiplying more of His word in the world from the fruit of my lips and in the power of the Holy Spirit! And so my only job is to listen and obey every word of His. Step by step. And I yield His fruit out of my life! Multiplying it 30, 60, 100 times.

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  1. This is beautiful! I love the poetry and your voice is like butter!

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