Message for the Church 3.27.20

Morning of March 27, 2020, I saw these things in the Spirit.

He asked, “Are you ready to come see me.”

“Yes, Lord,” I replied. “You know I am ready.”

He turned and told His Father, “I am going to give them to her.”

There was a spinning gold whirlwind and out of it He pulled a coat of many colors. He wrapped the coat around me, gave me a signet ring, and a crown and I saw myself fall asleep.

I asked Him why he gave me these things and He asked if I wanted to see. Then he turned around and started walking up a staircase. He had hiking clothes on. I followed Him but I soon got tired and He said, keep going.

Soon I perceived a mist around me. The mist cleared. And below me I saw rivers. Broad spreading rivers glowing in the setting sun. I started laughing and crying because five years ago, He told me He was springing up waters of His Spirit and that locally produced, true worship in Spirit and Truth, from every nation, tribe, and tongue would cover the earth with His fame. And here he showed me what was happening. There were so many rivers. They were spreading to cover the land.

I started to laugh and cry. He did too.

“Lord, you ARE doing it. Just like you said! You are great and mighty and you are doing this all on your own. You ARE zealous for your name. We get to simply see it! You are glorious and holy and now the whole world will see it.”

“Yes,” He said, “you are not alone. There are many who have seen this vision of rivers of my Spirit flowing from the hearts of man. But it is also a result of the obedience of your people that are bringing truth so I can spring up waters in new places—Ethiopia, Brazil, Israel, Japan, England, France, Spain, Greece, India, China, Tunisia, Nicaragua, Canada, Korea, the US—Florida, Alabama, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio.” I am using your people because you have determined to believe that my leadership is enough for you.” Your people know my voice. And they say what I say and do what I do.  Now come up here.”

So I followed and I saw a field next to a stream. In the field were sheep that had been injured by wolves. The sheep were crying. I looked and saw three shepherds of the sheep leaning up against a boulder, drunk.

“These are the pastors, the shepherds of my sheep, that are drunk on the world. They are happy and senseless. They are drunk with power, position, image, and a false camaraderie between them. I hate their conferences and gatherings that teach them to strategize how to build their kingdoms. They are getting drunk out of old wineskins that hold old wine. Because I did move in the past. I moved in spite of their racism and injustice and unrighteousness. I moved by pouring out my Spirit in hopes that they would be moved to love me. But they have not repented of their legacy of racism and division in the American church.  They instead try to recreate moves of the past.

But this boulder they are leaning against is called racial hurt and racial injustice. The American church has, from the beginning, been segregated. Black and White and Native American Indians. Their blood still cries out to me. This was sinful in my eyes, but I moved in spite of it. Hoping to drive you to repentance and reconciliation. Instead, the church drank in my spirit, and refused to do the hard work of reconciliation. They convinced themselves this was my blessing and approval of them, but it was meant to inspire them to repent and return to me. But they had no compassion or regret for the sins of their fathers.

“Who are the three pastors?,” I asked.

“The first is named Denial. He believes the church is fine and He jovially moves through His day declaring how blessed he and his congregation is.

The second is named False Peace. He speaks peace when there is war. He prematurely calms hearts down when I have stirred them to the brink of repentance. He stops every move of my spirit because it disturbs False Peace.

The third is named Deceit. He knows the truth, but he is too afraid to be seen because he is filthy with sin. The enemy has spoken lies over his identity so he feels the only way to protect himself is to hide his sin.

The old wine they have been drinking has made them senseless so they are lulled into sins of alcoholism, lust, pornography, idolatry of the eyes and ears. When they have moments of sobriety, they are so afraid of the truth that they are driven by fear to desensitize themselves. They lull themselves to sleep by TV. All the while, their sheep are being torn apart and they are scattered without a true shepherd who will lay their own life down for them. Now come up higher.”

So I followed Him up the stairs to a simple wooden door. He turned to me and smiled and said, “Are you ready?” Then he opened the door. It was a treasure room filled to the ceiling with the most beautiful gold and jewels and there was so much it seemed like it had its own light. Almost blinded by it I asked Him what I was seeing.

He said, “These are all the gifts I have for my bride, my church, but they have never needed or wanted them.” His face fell in rejection.

I went over to Him and tried to comfort Him, “But we DO want them.”

“You do?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said, “We want them, but we don’t know they are here. They don’t know what is theirs. They are senseless and ignorant.”

He replied, “But I can’t give them these gifts in the state they are in. They have not proven their love to me. They are satisfied with worldly things. They don’t crave me or spend time listening.”

I knelt at his feet and cried on their behalf, “But they don’t know. They don’t even know they aren’t doing what you want.”

His hurt became angry tears. “But wasn’t I clear from the beginning? And when I walked on the earth—that you were supposed to be a Bride to me?! But they have forgotten. They have fallen asleep.”

“Jesus, we are not all asleep.”

“I know,” he acknowledged. “But there are so few of you that if I came now, I would have to leave many to perish. But I must come soon. You have to wake them up, Mighty Warrior Bride.”

“How do I wake them up?” I asked.

Then he took me back to where I laid sleeping and showed me the gifts he had given me. “The robe is the inheritance of Joseph—dreams and interpretations. And you will be mocked, they will try to kill you, you will be sold off and treated as dead, but you will stand before kings. You will discern the times in wisdom. You will be placed to rule. You will restore your brothers. The ring is my seal and authority to speak what I speak. The crown is your identity as royalty because you are my child and my betrothed.”

I asked Him one question, “Why are you giving ME these gifts?”

He said, “Because you have the heart of a bride. You are ready to be with me.”


Wake up, Bride of Christ. Remember your first love. Remember your identity as the Betrothed of Christ. Reject denial, false peace, and deceit. Seek the heart of God in reconciliation of racial hurts. Call yourselves to repentance and tend the sheep under your care. And He will pour out treasures and gifts that will beautify and set us apart as His holy people.

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