Water Song

What does it look like to be full of the love of God? What does it feel like to be so filled with His Spirit, His death and life that I can say that I have been crucified with Jesus and I actually really no longer live, but Jesus lives in me? The invitation is that the only life I live now I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. What does it taste like, this Living Water Jesus talked about in John 4 when He offered the woman a drink that would satisfy her forever and then later said this living spring water flow would pour out of the hearts of those who believe in Him (John 7:38-39)?

The Holy Spirit, when it fills and flows out of us always flows to the lowest places and moves there even in the dark. It is pulled by a gravity of need. It is pushed by a pursuing of Love Himself–to the depths of hearts, to the hidden places, into and through the dirty places, bringing life to dead places, reconstituting dry bones, soothing pain, and loss, and loneliness. That’s how water flows, from the heights to the depths–restoring, refreshing, and purifying everything in its path.

I think that’s how our lives will start to flow too if we stay in step with the Spirit. We start to see the hidden places in people. We start to speak life to THOSE deep places. We flow out in words and actions and prayer and worship. We will leave our ambitions of success, renounce our running after titles and positions of status, and reject what looks big and important and move to low places to see people according to their deepest needs and set free captives and walk them out of darkness. That’s what Jesus did and called people to do. Because that’s what the Spirit of God does. It flows to the lowest places–washing everything clean and bringing new life. I think I’m going to hang out near this Living Water for a while. I want to drink it all. As much as I can hold. And then. I want to just flow like crazy.

Jesus give me Living Water today. Fill up every cavernous part of me, even the places I can’t see. Make me thirsty. Then, don’t stop giving it when I am full. Overflow it out of me. Here’s my heartsong today…take me lower.

Come, oh come! let us away–
Lower, lower every day,
Oh, what joy it is to race
Down to find the lowest place.
This the dearest law we know–
“It is happy to go low.”
Sweetest urge and sweetest will,
“Let us go down lower still.”
Hear the summons night and day
Calling us to come away.
From the heights we leap and flow
To the valleys down below.
Always answering to the call,
To the lowest place of all.
Sweetest urge and sweetest pain,
To go low and rise again.

-“Water Song” Hannah Hurnard from Hinds Feet on High Places
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